Ghana Peace Award motivates me to do more

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

On Saturday 28th October 2017, in the State Banquet Hall of Ghana-Accra, I was extremely proud, humbled and privileged to be present in Ghana to receive the honour of an African International Citizen Award at the Ghana Peace Awards!

This award was granted in recognition of my extraordinary and outstanding achievements, as a symbol of merit for my services to Ghana and Africa – and a celebration of my focus and tireless drive to enrich the African community in the UK with the aim of empowerment and growth.

I am very happy to receive this award because I live my life with a deep passion to be in service to others, and it is always humbling to be in a position where you find your efforts and hard work has been recognised, celebrated and acknowledged! I must thank the Ghana Peace Awards for granting me this honour of such a prestigious nomination and the consequent receipt of this awe-inspiring award – I will be forever grateful.

Every time I receive an acknowledgement I remain overwhelmed by feelings of joy and gladness, with every award feeling as if it’s my first. As with all my awards, every time I step onto a stage to receive an honour, I know I am never walking alone – for I am but a representative of a behemoth, an assembly of the brightest and most beautiful minds who form GUBA Enterprise. My success is our success; this award recognises the hard work and toil of the group.

As always, the receipt of an accolade such as this is not taken as a full-stop or a resting station, but it rather adds fuel to the raging flame in my engine – driving me faster and more powerfully to the next job, next mission, next great responsibility. Every single day is a blessing, an opportunity to do better and be better. So while this award will trigger a smile, and a warmness of the heart, it will also serve to sharpen my mind and resolve to help me strive to make even more of an impact in the lives of my people, my generation and the world-at-large!