God makes all things beautiful in His own time

Wednesday, 05 April 2017

When I think about the past few months, standing out from the Bible is a passage which perfectly describes what has been a season where I have been an at times unwitting passenger on a rollercoaster of emotions. Ecclesiastes 3:11 starts off by saying 'He hath made everything beautiful in His time...' I can categorically say that God has indeed been good, extremely good; and He's been faithful, and He's been working according to His time and not mine...

It won't take much to cast my mind back to where I was as 2016 drew to a close. With shooting for my TV programme well underway, the preparation for GUBA Awards 2017 gathering serious pace and many more projects in motion, a busy period was capped with an audience with royalty as I attended Buckingham Palace with my family to finally receive my honour of Member of the British Empire (MBE).

Things were exciting, life was thrilling, and I expected everything positive the world had to offer me. Everything except a baby.

You can imagine the shock. The surprise. Now this was something that was not on the schedule! I had to check my pregnancy test many times, such was my surprise! It was so unexpected, and I was so unprepared – however God’s time was the best time, regardless of my opinion. And God decided it was time for baby number 4!


I have kept things under wraps because this season has been one full of trials. Yes, as I have travelled through the trimesters I have embraced my expectancy with happiness and gratitude. However, interspersed in those bright moments have been moments of disorientation. I’ve lost count of the number of times during this pregnancy that I have felt the foundations shift beneath me. There have been risks to the baby, some quite profound. There have been declarations and clinic visits which threatened to change the prospect of the baby’s life forever. There have been new complications for me that I have never experienced in any of my past pregnancies. But I am so glad to say that all things have worked together for good. Here I am, on the other side, healthy and alive, with the newest apple of my eye resting regally and beautifully in my arms.

My husband, my children and I are so thrilled to introduce the newest member of the family to you!

His name is ENIIJAY AMOATENG - a name which is a bold cosmopolitan play on the Twi word ‘anigye’ which means joy/happiness.

We have all fallen in love with our beautiful baby boy. Guess our Princess Awiyah has resolved to be the only princess in our castle! And what a princess she is, now forever flanked by three young princes!

My friends, Eniijay is truly my joy. He was right there with me when I stood before royalty at the Palace, one of the happiest and most celebratory days of my life so far. He’s been there with me through all my successes in the past few months. He is my beautiful bundle of joy.

Eniijay is my gift to my husband who has been an ever-present rock in my life; Eniijay I believe, is God’s gift to us as a couple and as a family. We are healthy. We are alive. And we are joyful and ever-grateful, because through our gorgeous Eniijay we can truly see that God has made everything beautiful in His time.