• Cultural diplomat
  • Media personality
  • Humanitarian
  • Sports marketing consultant
  • Family woman

"Culture is the fuel that drives my business"


Dentaa is widely recognised as a leader in cultural diplomacy. Over the years, through her own endeavours and through strategic collaborations, she has created and buttressed bonds between Ghana and the United Kingdom. The GUBA Awards, established in 2008, are a prime example of Dentaa's work in celebrating Ghanaian and African achievement outside of the continent. She has managed to bring Ghanaian brands and products to new audiences. She has also been instrumental in helping Ghanaian sportsmen, musicians and actors crossover into European markets.

Her motivation for doing this is pride in where she comes from and her belief that she owes much of who she is today to the culture in which she was raised. She believes that Ghanaian culture is something that should be embraced and shared with the world, and that knowledge of Ghana's history and culture has instilled within her a strong sense of pride and determination.

"Africa faces challenges in the way that it is portrayed in the media. I've made it my mission to demonstrate that there is so much more to Africa than tales of poverty, hunger, disease, war, and corruption."


Dentaa is no stranger to a TV studio, having been a TV presenter in her native Ghana. She is best known to Ghanaian TV audiences for her appearances on Mentor (a music-based reality TV show), and the self-titled The Dentaa Show.

However, Dentaa is aware that those with real influence in broadcasting work behind the camera. Dentaa herself has worked on both sides of the camera, producing and presenting Dinner With Dentaa. However, her true interest in media lies in how channels of communications can be used to better inform people of the stories that can shape our understanding of the political and economic development of the world in which we live. 

She is also a mouthpiece for the Africa that many in the West would struggle to recognise. Decades of negative reporting of Africa has resulted in a deeply-ingrained perception that Africa is a continent of poverty, hunger, disease, wars, corruption, and poor political leadership. Dentaa routinely shares her experiences of working in Africa and working with Africans to paint a picture of hope, innovation, hustle, achievement, inspiration, and beauty.

Dentaa also believe that the media has a responsibility to inform and educate audiences about health challenges. 


"Education has a multiplier effect on a society"


Dentaa is a firm believer in empowering future generations through providing access to quality education. Giving young people a better understanding of the world that they live in, and socio-political dynamics that underpin most of what goes on in the world, will give young people a stronger sense of where they can fit in into this world, and how they can change the way things are for the better. 

Dentaa has travelled widely and has experienced both abject poverty and lavish opulence, and has concluded that most people don't necessarily want huge mansions, fast cars, and private yachts; they just want a better and more secure life for themselves and their loved ones. A good education enables people to make informed independent decisions, empowering them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to allow them to earn a better living, contribute to the advancement of their communities, and provide a better life for those they love dearest. It is one of the most effective ways to halt the vicious cycle of poverty. 

Whilst working on the GUBA Awards, which celebrates the outstanding achievers of Ghanaian heritage, Dentaa realised that although there is plenty to celebrate, there were also many needs within the community that were in need of tackling, be them related to education or poverty, health or disability.

To help address these challeneges, she created the GUBA Foundation, the charitable branch of GUBA, whose present focus is infant mortality, having previous focused on autism.

"I believe that, through sport, we are united"


Dentaa believes that 'everyone has God-given gifts, whether they lend themselves to becoming a lawyer, doctor, model or an athlete'. If the resources and opportunities to develop, employ, and share one's gifts for the common good are available, she believe that positive social change will inevitably follow.

Through her work and travels, she has observed that nothing has the ability to unite often disparate groups behind a common cause quite like sport can. The world's biggest sporting event - the FIFA World Cup in Brazil - took place in 2014. Dentaa was there and noted how Brazil used the limelight that hosting a major sporting event brings to show off elements of its national culture. Whilst the funding of the tournament may have caused divisions amongst the population, what stuck with Dentaa was how the tournament attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of people from different cultures, who were able to proudly embrace their national differences whilst uniting through a mutual love for the beautiful game.

Sport has always had immense power to influence society. Who could overlook the statements sportsmen like Jesse Owens and Mohammed Ali made, using the platforms that sport provided them? As a healthcare professional, Dentaa acknowledges that sport improves our physical quality of life, but it also has the potential to bring pride in one's culture to life in a positive way.

"No matter what happens, I know I will always have a solid rock"


Dentaa's family is extremely important to her; she knows that she can always rely on them. She counts them as her biggest supporters and her guidance. She has special praise for her partner whom she regards as her 'backbone' for giving her me the vision and support needed to follow her ambitions. Speaking of him, she says "No matter what happens throughout my life or what challenges I face, I know that I will always have a solid rock."

Dentaa has three young children and says that they are the best motivation she could possibly have to do all that she can to create a better world for them to grow up in.

Saturday, 10 December 2016
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This month began with the people of the Gambia choosing Adama Barrow as their president – ousting Yahya Jammeh, a man who vowed to rule his nation for “a billion years” (and who has since rejected the outcome of the elections). Not only would Barrow's election be a notable change because it involved the usurping of a seemingly immoveable object, but it will be significant because Barrow used to work as a security guard in Argos on the Holloway Road in North London. What seemed inconceiveable became reality. The joke had the last laugh.

Just days later, we find ourselves bearing witness to another African fairy tale. 

Many people had long pleaded with to Mr Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to quit and direct his energies elsewhere. Having already taken two shots at the presidency of Ghana, a third seemed to many as too long a shot, too much a waste of time. And yet this time round, it seems Akufo-Addo had his finger on the pulse of the nation, his oratory in tune with the rhythm of Ghana’s heartbeat. He has now been deemed the man of the moment. On 9 December 2016 when the Electoral Commission of Ghana declared him president-elect.

What had seemed inconceivable had become reality. 

I have watched this election from afar with a range of emotions:

  • Pride: The world has been a fractured and dangerously febrile place this year. It seems every election has brought down fire and brimstone upon countries. Ghana had long been held up as a beacon of peaceful democratic elections, but with the stakes high and emotions even higher, people expected this to finally be the time all decorum was lost and all hell would break loose. How proud am I that, despite the stakes and despite the delay in confirming the result, Ghanaians as a vast majority remained calm and composed. The example continues.
  • Empowerment: I am sure I speak for many when I say that this is a particularly empowering election result. Ghanaians are enlightened and empowered because this election has demonstrated that they have the ability to dictate change. In many countries, the inhabitants feel disenfranchised, fatigued, feeling that they do not have the means to affect the course of their nation. Ghanaians have been frustrated. Ghanaians wanted change, and with fingers padded with ink, they have made Ghana sing a new tune and changed the course of the country. Ghana has shown that power belongs to the people, that power is supposed to fuel the will of the nation in order to propel it towards the greater good. I have worked with some great figures from the outgoing ruling party who have played a wonderful part in shaping Ghana, but this election has shown that people overwhelming were dissatisfied with the fruits of their labours. President Mahama should be congratulated for that which he has achieved in office, and should also be praised for respecting the will of the people and stepping down without rancour. 
  • Optimism: It takes the people of Ghana to move the nation forward - and this is my hope, this is my dream for my mother nation. Similar to the surprisingly competent cabinet being formed in the USA, I believe its time for government to be a conglomerate of the successful: the brightest minds of the nation coming together to work in one accord – regardless of tribe, of background, of class, belief, or creed.
  • Hope: Across the Atlantic, many despaired because they saw a man who ran a hateful and spiteful campaign ascend to power. But this election has rendered me hopeful. The election of Akufo-Addo has made me hopeful because it shows how important it is to remain humble, regardless of what life throws at you. Times change. Seasons shift. Positions transition from one hand to another. And so keep working, keep trying. Sometimes when you push a door, it doesn't mean the door is locked - it just means that you need to push harder to force it open! Akufo-Addo kept knocking because he knew what he wanted. Because of his example, I remain hopeful that anything is possible.

Well done to our outgoing president and his team. Ayeeko for the wonderful work done. And congratulations Mr Akufo-Addo, president-elect! #ProudOfGhana #oneGhana

Dentaa with Nana Akufo-Addo