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GUBA Careers Fair

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GUBA in collaboration with Network Diaspora Professionals Limited (NFDP) hosted the inaugural Ghana Careers & Opportunities Fair at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London, in June 2013. The event was supported by the Diaspora Support Unit (Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration), International Organisation for Migration – Ghana, and Re-Connect Africa.

The Fair brought together prominent companies operating in Ghana, who were seeking the finest Ghanaian talent from overseas. The Fair provided an unrivalled opportunity for these companies to meet talented Ghanaians seeking to establish careers in Ghana.

GUBA Awards

Friday, 11 October 2013 Written by
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Dentaa is most recognised as the CEO and Founder of GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards) an annual awards ceremony instituted to celebrate, acknowledge, and support businesses and individuals connected to Ghana, but typically based in the UK, who are excelling. As such, the organisation has gained a reputation amongst diplomatic, trade, and cultural circles as being an important link between Ghana and the United Kingdom.

The inaugural GUBA Awards ceremony was held in the Porchester Hall in October 2010 and celebrated its fifth anniversary in July 2015.

It is the only major event which enables business people, celebrities, politicians and diplomats, and proud citizens with a shared passion for Ghana to come together to network whilst celebrating the individual and collective achievements in the UK’s vibrant Ghanaian community.

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GUBA Foundation

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The seed that birthed the vision for GUBA Foundation was sown whilst organising the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards. We realised that while there were many achievements in our community worthy of highlighting, there were also many issues in need of addressing, especially those related to health, disability, education and poverty. 

We set up a foundation in order to meet those needs.

Our intial focus was on autism. We wanted people to change their thinking to see autism not as a disability but as a different ability.

Our current focus is on child mortality. We believe that every child should have a chance of living into adulthood and fulfilling the potential they were born with.

The GUBA Foundation is on a journey and as we move on, we sincerely hope that you would join with us. Together we can make a significant difference!

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A large part of GUBA's mission is to promote excellence within the Ghanaian community. Many of those who we've highlighted through the GUBA Awards have invented or produced quality and unique products that we believe could sit on the shelves of major retailers. The next step was naturally to help those innovators, creators and businesspeople to bring their products to market. 

With this is mind, GUBA put on a two-day event showcasing the wonderful array of products created by Ghanaian small/medium enterprises in the UK and Ghana, with the aim of equipping businesses with insights on procurement standards and supply procedures to major retailers in the UK. It served as a unique platform for buyers to connect with potential suppliers and offered attendees real investment prospects.


The inaugural GUBA Expo was attended by the banking sector (including representatives from Barclays), Ghanaian brands (including Sheabutter Cottage, pictured), buyers (including Tesco), leading politicians (including Ghana's Minister of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts, and the MP for Greenwich and Woolwich) and members of the public interested in discovering Ghana-inspired products.

Here are a few comments from those who attended:

Watch highlights from the 2016 GUBA Expo here: