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A large part of GUBA's mission is to promote excellence within the Ghanaian community. Many of those who we've highlighted through the GUBA Awards have invented or produced quality and unique products that we believe could sit on the shelves of major retailers. The next step was naturally to help those innovators, creators and businesspeople to bring their products to market. 

With this is mind, GUBA put on a two-day event showcasing the wonderful array of products created by Ghanaian small/medium enterprises in the UK and Ghana, with the aim of equipping businesses with insights on procurement standards and supply procedures to major retailers in the UK. It served as a unique platform for buyers to connect with potential suppliers and offered attendees real investment prospects.


The inaugural GUBA Expo was attended by the banking sector (including representatives from Barclays), Ghanaian brands (including Sheabutter Cottage, pictured), buyers (including Tesco), leading politicians (including Ghana's Minister of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts, and the MP for Greenwich and Woolwich) and members of the public interested in discovering Ghana-inspired products.

Here are a few comments from those who attended:

Watch highlights from the 2016 GUBA Expo here: